• David Bome

    "Caprice is a unique group which wins in so many ways:- inclusive, supportive, friendly, inspiring, ambitious, fun, fulfilling ...... using their talents for the benefit of others. Where else would you find a group with an age span of nearly 70 years who can raise such stunning amounts for charity? To be their conductor - 'a total privilege'"
  • Martin

    "Caprice has been an important feature in much of my adult life; it feels more like an extended family than simply a musical society that I'm a member of. I particularly value the diversity of its membership and the friendships that exist within the orchestra. The fact that we are able to raise so much money for charity and perform regularly in the wonderful Chelmsford Cathedral is added bonus."
  • Barbara

    "I gave up playing clarinet after leaving school because music was geared towards exams which took the fun out of playing. I'm so glad I rediscovered the pleasure of playing such a variety of music within such a wonderful group of musicians."
  • Fiona

    "The lasting friendships that have been made from a shared pleasure of making music together. (Despite defecting sections!)"
  • Daniella

    "I am so proud of the amazing sums we've raised for charity, and i've made great friends who've been with me through thick and thin."
  • Margaret

    "Gave me the opportunity to play my clarinet and and through that make wonderful friends (including friends in Backnang and Annonay). Also raising money for great causes by doing something we all enjoy."
  • Catherine

    "Gave me a chance to continue to play despite not having many grades behind me, and made some great friends."
  • Sarah

    "Well worth travelling an hour each way to play with such a talented and friendly bunch of musicians. I love the variety of music we play and enjoy the buzz I get from playing and sharing music with friends."